We're committed to moms and children.

We’re committed to moms and children.

Together, Walgreens and Vitamin Angels are ensuring moms and children in the U.S. and worldwide have an equal chance at a healthy future.

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Together, since 2013, Walgreens and Vitamin Angels have reached over 400 million women and children with life-changing vitamins and minerals.

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Promoting Global Wellbeing

We are on track for our next goal of 500 million women and children by the end of FY25.


Our U.S. Impact

Together, we are reaching pregnant women and their babies with life-changing vitamins and minerals in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

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Local Care for Moms

Every mom wants a healthy baby. Yet, access to the resources that support healthy pregnancies and birth outcomes is inequitable. Walgreens and Vitamin Angels are working to leverage our shared resources to identify new ways to protect and promote health and improve wellbeing for everyone.

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Local Communities

Providers and Patients Are Better Together

When health providers work with their patients to overcome barriers to access and promote healthier pregnancies, everyone benefits. See how one health center is making a difference

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